Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Biscuit Soliloquies

My FB and blogging friend, Harish Krishnan , believes, in the power of chocolates , cakes and pastries , and is convinced that they are conducive to an excellent working environment.

Once in a while, he gets all carried away, and even makes all those goodies pose for portraits. As it happened when he spied these Dark Fantasy  biscuits and decided to photograph them, and posted this on FB...

As he describes it , "This is photography while controlling the urge to eat the biscuit."

I just hope he realizes, that biscuits too have feelings .....

(photo and eating by Harish Krishnan)
blinded by packaging
and resigned to
their fate,
they travelled,
the tough man
and his dark mysterious lady,
only to see
the artificial room lights
in an office,
as they were thrown
on to a plate.

Endlessly stared at
by a guy with a lens,
who had no qualms
breaking them up.

And the tough man,
guessing what
terrible stuff
in their future,
at his tired companion and said,
rest your head
on my shoulder;
this guy
is obssessed with
with clicking photos
and will take a looong time
to click
what could be our last photo together....."


  1. nice portrayal of the last moments of a biscuit...:)

  2. Mouthwatering kavita! You must must write a book with such oics and your words... I'll buy it first! Oh in fact since i gave u this idea, may i request a signed copy first!

    1. Anuradha, Thank you for the great suggestion !