Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Glistening eyes, shining hopes....

When you think very strongly about something, the universe makes it happen. Don't know who said that, but Bozo, the blogging dog of Mumbai, clearly believes in this.

There is some kind of excitement happening. He can sense it. He has been listening, and although he doesn't speak English or Konkani, he understands it really well. He hopes it is what he thinks it is.  And he is on high alert. 

I can sense it,
imagine it,
and drench myself
in the excitement
of it all.

it is not
the defeat of the Desert Storme.

it is not
a fancy treat for me
emerging  from a special tin.

it's not a ride in the car
with the monsoon breezes
making me blink
at the window.

But I think,
it is time
for someone
i have not met
for quite some time
to arrive
from far away lands.

And I stand
with great hope
shining in my eyes,
in excitement,
for the special sounds
or arrival.

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