Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bozoical Sounds of Silence

For those who have the inclination and time, like Mumbai's blogging dog Bozo, there is so much to be learned and imbibed.

He doesnt talk too much about it, but simply gets on with it in his own way.  In today's world, it may not be considered a "cool" thing, given that most folks react to music by rattling every bone in their body , shaking mindlessly.

But Bozo is an evolved personality, and has his own style.    

There is something
to be said,
for lolling
next to the sofa
when Deepak watches TV,
or peering
over his shoulder,
as he
reads from his laptop
and books.

new learnings in old ages
keep your brain
so smart.

And so
when I think
no one is watching,
I practice silently,
vocal music
I observed and learned,
recalling all the arohas
and avarohas
of my life;
eyes wide shut
as I drift
through the
baby alaap years,
the teenage asthayee
and the
antaras of lovely memories.

But I get carried away
with the taanaas,
and I remember
folks I have watched on TV.

Like them,
eyes closed,
concentrating on
my life music
I don't notice
folks clicking me;
but unlike  them,
I don't wave my front legs,
folks think I am yawning....

Kya Karein ?
We fellows are like that only....


  1. I love it!! Thanks to you and to Bozo for the smiles and giggles to end my day!