Thursday, August 29, 2013

Message from Salmagundi....

This is Salmagundi. I don't blame you for thinking that it is a name of a place near Hyderabad or a powerful  lady.  It is neither.

Actually , it is the name of a salad made from disparate vegetables and stuff, which normally wouldn't look at each other so to speak.  Seriously, Salmagundi is a mixture or a mixed plated salad comprising many disparate ingredients, which dates back to 17th century England.

My FB and food blogger friend, educationist,  instructional designer, photographer and great cook, Shruti Nargundkar  of Melbourne  posted this on FB.  A salad made of blood oranges, pomelos (tangerine + grapefruit) offspring)), green beans, onions, pistas, etc.

Read the entire recipe post here .

It kind of reminded me of disparate types that purport to inhabit legislatures , here in India, that  are supposed to work for our welfare.   Very clearly, the veggies here are far more sensible and superior.

Some unbending
stiff greens,
blowing hot and cold,
a few reds
with saffron angvastras

around their shoulders,
and the more flexible cheeses
willing to
mix with everyone
as and how required.

Some bitter
but yet hopeful grapefruit,
hiding under
tangerine cover,
yet not too tearful
or frustrated
at the arrival
of the cunning onions
willing to bend every which way.

Someone even offers
a commission
of pistas and olive oil
amidst a shower of salt,
pepper and thyme,
but no one
in Parliament
is willing to listen.

They do not know what
every salad knows.

Things work
when you work together....

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