Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Real Khel Ratna......

With all the fuss being reported over the National awards for Sports, including the Khel Ratna (~Sports Gem), including so many openly fighting for it, accusing others and so on, it is so refreshing to see this set of photocaptures by my FB and blogger friend Priyadarshan Kale, on his forays , into the heart of Mumbai.

Very clearly, the girl who uses this handcart to practice  a game of carom on a innovatively simulated carom board,  after business hours, deserves a prize for innovation and dedication .

See some more photos of this enterprising girl here ...

Unfortunately, in a country where corrupt politicians , stuck to their power chairs, ignorant of sport and sporting spirit, rule the roost, she will get disqualified  simply because she is sitting on the game itself.   

जी रत्ने
आपली आपण,
आहे त्याचात
खेळ शोधतात ,
आणि प्राविण्य मिळवतात ,

त्यांना कधीही
खेळ रत्न मिळत नाही ………
आपले खुर्चीला चिकटलेले विद्वान लोक
त्यांना खेळावर बसून खेळले
ह्या सबबीवर
डिस्क्वालिफ़ाय करतात ...
The (Ratnas)Gems
who  seek
a sport
to practice
and excel
deep within
their own mind resources,
are never the ones
who qualify for
the Khel Ratna.

Those worthies
who never shift
from their Fevicol Chairs,
disqualify them
for trespassing and sitting
on the game itself......

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