Friday, August 23, 2013

Those nonpricey Taylor Ladies......

My FB friend, food blogger, botanical research scholar, nutritionist, trekker, photographer, and birder, Sangeeta Khanna, has a green thumb, and the good fortune to live in Delhi amidst lots of trees and a garden where she grows her own stuff.

In keeping with her environment, she also keeps birdbaths and water for creatures who visit. The birds have so much confidence in her that an injured Myna once actually recuperated at her house, in a special basket, after being treated and cared for by her.

This time, it was a female Taylor bird, that called out to her in a full throated song, where upon, the following photos happened.

The poems were written separately in response to the 2 photos.

Putting them together here, side by side.  I think Mrs Taylor and Mrs Khanna might approve ......

We nonpricey
Taylor ladies,
like to celebrate
when we get
some free time
from planning nests,
sipping some good water
from birdbaths,
and pecking at seeds,
and tree trunks.

And much like
the songs you sing
on important days,
we too
celebrate our freedom...

Not by
chirping from behind
an enclosure,
and saying things which
no one hears,
but by
bursting forth
in full throated music,
well situated on
a magnificent branch
in the greens,
calling out
to our friend
the Music Lady,
who we see
time and again,
filling water in the birdbaths,
sorting things in her garden,
and sometimes,
playing doctor
to our mynah friend.

And she
glances at us from the window,
puts down her teacup,
and emerges outside
the dew
and the morning sun,
as we reach the
"Jai Ho"
of our song ....
 It's really
all about balance.

I don't see
too much of it

around me,
as I see
blatant greys and browns
killing and destroying
the greens;
corrosive minds
throwing like minded liquids
on faces
that question them;
who think
money and possessions
replaces time;
greedy power types
who think
rules change for them.

These guys
once had a tailbone
and then
they simply
lost it all.

Thank God,
mine enables me
to keep my balance
in the most
difficult situations,
as I turn my back
to the camera
to attend to my little one
practicing below...


  1. I love them!! Thanks for a a delightful smile to see me off to bed!!

  2. Ah, their cousins visit us almost every other day. Good one, again, Suranga! Don't you get tired of compliments? :P

    1. Thank you! Put up the cousins on FB, BGee, and will do another one. :-)

  3. Amazingly brilliant Suranga. You always leave me spellbound.
    Mrs. Taylor was seen happier than normal today, probably she checked this blog :-)

    1. Sangeeta , Thank you! Mrs Taylor, thank you to you too !

  4. I wish Mrs Taylor could read the way you have beautifully woven some poems for her!