Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hibiscus Gyaan....

My young blogger (and FB) friend Sriram Ramaswamy simultaneously works on two blogs, a serious type called Game Theori  and a more light hearted one called Coffee and Chess; that is, when he is not doing IT or  travelling and collecting photos of flowers, clicked , either by him , or friends.

This is one such, from a trip to Kerala .  Where floors, walls and verandahs often have the traditional brick red finish  , sometimes with designs.

Just makes you realize, that while replicating is easy, it is not easy at all to perceive, how SomeOne Up There, again and again manages to come up with a unique beautiful original  and  yet humble creation , like this hibiscus......

So many become copycats
present themselves
perfectly positioned
and designed,
linked with like minded types

thanks to twists and turns,
in an effort
to be leaders...

They don't realize
the real leader.
is an original,
who remains connected,
to his roots,
carries everyone with him,
always bends down
to serve
those he represents....


  1. You make me sound way cooler than I am :). The poem though is the highlight that adds more colour to the flower :).

  2. What a wonderful thought Suranga..................the last stanza carries its weight in gold. Wonderful.

  3. Lovely post.. Beautifully written..!