Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Growing Up "Tiger"

My FB friend Pandit Gaurang Kodical, besides being a retired banker and a renowned Tabla Visharad ( who has had the good fortune to accompany so many of our musical legends on tabla) , also has an amazing collection of visuals and photographs, which he posts of FB from time to time.
He recently posted one showing a tiger with its cub.  Both kind of looking , say, into the future, after the father probably had a talk with his son.  (It could be a daughter; so whenever "son" is mentioned, it could mean "daughter" too.....)

I eavesdropped.    And what I heard made so much sense. An had so much relevance to our country.  ...

This is the life, son,
when you
piggyback with me
and learn
how to live,

how to eat,
how to treat folks around you
amidst the grassy jungle.

And when
you become older, son
that you must
tread your own path,
hunt for your own reasons
to love, fight, and live,
and define
your own grass
and your own jungle.

Bearing in mind, son,
you must never take for granted;
the son of a king
cannot always be a king.....

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  1. what a wonderful post and picture :) :) :)