Monday, August 5, 2013

Slithering creatures of our times....

My FB and blogger friend Bhavesh Chhatbar , on a visit to Johar Sthal (place where the Rajput queens would commit suicide when faced with the danger of being captured by the Moghuls) in Chittorgarh , had occasion to photograph a black cobra that was swishing its way through the place, now covered in grassland.

 Please see his blogpost Black Cobra Snake of India to see all the wonderful clicks, and yes, closeups.Of the cobra.

The smoothnesss, the slithering, the oily scaly appearance, and the fact that it could change and shed its skin when it wished , presumably to look different, brought to mind a certain category of so called public, but intensely privately enhanced folks, who we call politicians. 

Most people stay away from them. But sometimes, misdirected ones, do fall into their clutches, and ultimately get destroyed.
A long tradition
of shedding and changing skins,
shiny smooth
with oily looks,
they glide,
sometimes inobtrusively
through the
thick and thin
of the populace
of the land.

Most folks
keep away from them,
some folks watch from a distance,
with no aim or ambition,
just float around
right into their clutches.

To be crushed
or to be
and thrown by the side,
suitably poisoned
in the mind.....


  1. It is always sheer true meaning that comes out of any photograph that you write about, Suranga!

  2. Beautiful picture and verse, Suranga. A couple of my relatives have their houses in the outskirts. They see snakes often and they are shot immediately and buried. Then go to Kukke Subrahmanya temple and do samskaara for the snakes.