Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bozoical EKS.....

One more poetic chapter in the Life and Times of Bozo, Mumbai's only dog-with-his-own-blog. 

Life in a Metro teaches you to be philosophical. At least that's what Bozo thinks.  You have to accept what happens. 

But even then, sometimes it shows on your face. And what is worse, folks like Magiceye, photograph it, despite being the cause of it all.

But we fellows don't hide our feelings. After all, we are only human .....

We fellows
are stoic chaps,
and whatever it is
we take it in our stride .

it is happening
all over again.

A time when
I couldn't
turn a room corner
without colliding with
the young chap
in a hurry,
and a time when
a peek into the young lady's room
saw her getting ready
for exciting times.

There was a brief
summer of joy
when I realized that
Deepak would now be home
much more.

But no.
It is not to be
and I am upset,
yet philosophical....

I am back
to gazing from the balcony,
paws up on the railing,
a silent wail here,
a brave snort there....

What to do ?

We fellows must endure
the Empty Kennel Syndrome
in our old age.........


  1. :) so beautifully put!!!!! wow!!!

  2. You said it so well, Suranga! Magic eye--spend more time with Bozo! Dont make him so sad...

    1. :)) Sure Bhavana. This expression lasts only for a second though and then he is back to his masti!