Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bozoical Lifestyle Yoga

Bozo, Mumbai's only Dog-with-his-own-blog , is a keen observer of things around him,  and has often reached conclusions,  independently of folks who do tons of research and are awarded degrees and so on.

He is a conservative chap, who doesn't follow fads, but tries to incorporate useful things like Yoga , into his day-to-day  activities, like smelling opportunities (with his 100-times-more-powerful-nose) to do exercise, breathe in lovely lunch aromas, and get his neck rubbed, all simultaneously.

Naturally, his mentor and activity chronicler, Deepak alias Magiceye, is always present to document his efforts.  And no, Bozo hasnt yet thought of the Tadaasan and Mayuraasan , though he may try Simhamudra   .......

 He is leaving something for the peacocks and trees. ...

What can I say ?

I can't but help see
stuff on TV,
when I sit
in silent communion with Deepak,
after dinner....

I also see ads
about gyms ,
losing weight,
and yearly fees,
on the back pages of newspapers...

Folks don't understand
good health
is all about,
eating sensibly,
doing some  housework yourself
to bend and stretch,
walking everywhere possible,
and controlling your temper.

Sometimes, gentle yoga helps.

Not the acrobatic stuff.
I leave that
to the
Yoga dogs calendar people
in the UK.

I follow the Iyengar Yoga
for seniors...
Exercises using props
available around you,
to aid
in holding positions...

Announcing the start
of a new FB group,
Yoga Dogs.....

I'm trying
to get the hang
of Sheershaasan,
in the meanwhile
you can see me doing
Bhujangaasan there .....

(after which you can rub my neck !..


  1. Its amazing how the chronicles of Bozo impart the mandatory back-handed shots to the vain bipeds!

  2. Ha ha. He sure knows what he wants after he finishes his yoga :)