Thursday, July 5, 2012

High on a Swing.....

My FB friend, and photography enthusiast , Prasad Paranjape, posted this capture of a glass of rum, describing it simply as MCDOWELL RED RUM ALWAYS ON THE ROCKS.

Many a life and a house has been affected by overenthusiastic senseless imbibing of what looks amazing here,  and those who have quit, know the difference.

I have neither imbibed nor quit.  But can imagine the blatant mindset of the golden liquid.  Which inspired this poem. 

And only those who watch the latest wonderful Marathi Serial "Unch Majha Zokaa"  will understand the reference to "rummi" at the end.

Originally written in Marathi. A possible translation follows...

स्वतःचीच झिंग,
खोटा सोनेरी भाव ,
स्वारोव्स्की परवडत नाही
म्हणून बर्फाशी लाडी गोडी..
किती लोकाना फसवले,
किती लोकांना बदलले ,
किंतीन्च्या घरून वदवले ,
पण ही बया आपल्याच धुंदीत ,
आपल्याच स्वप्नात
काचेच्या आतून आंधळी ...
ह्या रमिला कधी कळणार,
कि तिचा झोका कधीच उंच जाणार नाही ?

A swinging life,
Drunk on her
own importance,
a false attitude
of being giltedged and golden,
messing around
and snuggling up
to the ice cubes
they are Swarovski
on the rocks.....

Countless people misled,
countless lives changed
for the worse,
countless families
worriedly pleading,
but she remains,
uncaring, self centred,
blind to the outside ,
as she pretends
to see through the glass.

Will this Rum-i
ever realize,
that despite her
swinging life pretensions,
her swing will
never fly high ?


  1. Beautiful drive down the poetic covers! But I'd say Rum-i is just doing her job. It is for her followers to think of material pastures.

    1. USP, I sense a defence of the Rum-i happening from those that enjoy a glass. Never mind. She will learn her lesson one day and teach her followers. Please do watch Unch Majha Zoka , its amazing !

  2. Loved the lines, Suranga :)

    1. Zephyr, Thank you ! The English often doesn't translate well from the Marathi. That's the beauty of every language, its own style. Like Rama Ranade, of Unch Majha Zoka !