Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bozoical meditations....

Bozo, Mumbai's only dog-with-his-own-blog  has his own  sensible way of handling nonstop heavy monsoon downpours in Mumbai, and as he sees folks on TV talking about it "raining cats and dogs", he almost feels like suing them for defamation.

Bozo , is a very well informed person,  and has become wise in his old age.

He spends a lot of time, meditating about things on the cool floor, and his mentor and life-chronicler Magiceye, captured him during one such session .

Wild tornadoes,
spiralling winds,
lifting and carrying off
creatures of the land and water;
then depositing
over a city
along with a torrential rain.

Frogs, birds, Fish,
spiders and bats
centrifuged and flung down
word-corrupting bipeds
convert Greek
into "cats and dogs".....

Never mind.

In Mumbai,
I just stay in
on heavy
non stop pouring
windy monsoon days.

You never know
what the winds carry
in their tornado  pockets...
and who wants
to be showered
plastic,trash, dirt and junk,
not to mention
empty promises
and lies ?

Not all my friends are so lucky.

And so,
as my thoughts gather
and spiral up
with great speed,
I shut my eyes,
lie down on a cool floor,
and say a thank you
to Him who made me,
and gave me a wonderful family. 

(Just in case you see my
ears perking up,
its all those thoughts
flowing out
in ordered file. ...
we never rain things on people.....)

Sigh. Will these bipeds never learn ?


  1. :)) so beautiful Suranga!!!!!

    1. Magiceye, thank you! With Bozo, you always learn something new :-))