Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Final Silent Scream

For an environmentalist,  there cannot be anything worse than seeing polluted seas and rivers and hundreds of fish washed ashore due to inhospitable seas and low oxygen.

For a pucca vegetarian, there can be nothing more traumatic than the expression on the face of this fish, silently screaming the horror.

My FB friend Nivs Khemka Photography captured this and a few other marine scenes . Do have a look at them here.

What a life and what an end !

 (Photograph by Nivs Khemka Photography)
At one time
the waters were a fun place
where I'd traipse
around with my friends
sometimes amidst coral reefs
playing maze-maze,
and sometimes
the various Miss Ocean 2012's
(Sea, Bay, Ocean),
pirouetting and gliding by
with the Sting Rays
playing gaze-gaze.

there is so much
evil in the water.
Its abnormally cold,
the various chemicals
simply spoil the taste and the smell,
not to mention the breathing;
The mercury attracts,
but hurts when we get it inside,
and the less said
about the
slimy oil ships that breakdown
and cause a "pralay"
in our world,
the better.

These are the killing fields,
as we get entangled
in fancy nets
studded with bait
for a dseperate hungry species.

I tried,
I really did,
I shouted a warning
to my fellow fish
as I struggled to bite the net
to escape.
Dont know if they heard....

Let this open mouth
be a message to all
the so called
smart greedy bipeds
that unless
you discipline yourselves
and your dirt,
Nature stands,
jaws wide open,
baring teeth,
to destroy you....

At one time, like I said,
I played
Gaze Gaze....

Now its just GAZE,
with mouth wide open
and eyes wide shut.....


  1. OH god that looks horrific, the picture i meant. well I dont eat fish..


    1. Bikram, As a vegetarian, I have always hated seeing dead fish lying (for sale) with open eyes. This was just too traumatic.

  2. It really is sad what's happening all around us :(

    1. Shreya, thank you for your comment....

  3. It is a poem loaded with vivid imagery both beautiful and grisly and also with a sombre message for the mankind. Peerless!

    1. USP, Thank you . But the visual was very disturbing. Even in death, it conveyed what it had to...

  4. Lovely pic! I mean it kinda freaks me out :)