Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Keelback Lessons.....

For a minute I thought this was an unusual snake, with the face of a frog and the rest like a snake. Turns out , that my new FB friend Nivs Khemka Photography  clicked what is called a Striped Keelback Snake , in Nasik recently, possibly  in the act of devouring a frog. 

See some of the her amazing photographs here...

Reminds me of a Marathi saying " लहान तोंडी मोठा घास ...."  or (Big Bite for a small mouth...)

A relatively smaller snake, with a tail portion that is almost a quarter of its whole length, it has these distinctive stripes, and  it is normally gray or olive green in color, enabling excellent camouflage around unsuspecting victims. It has yellowish spots on the sides of the face, which tapers down to a slender neck. It has black crossbars all across its body, and they are more distinctive in the head area. This one is usually found on banks of water bodies, and sometimes even a few feet under the ground, when it decides to hibernate.  This snake specialises in eating smaller creatures like frogs and toads in a very mercenary way as is evident in this click.

 Why does all this ring a bell ?  Read on ....

 (Photo by Nivs Khemka Photography)

Power Stripes
fudging an actual color,
across the body,
a vivid color at the head,
the face sides
with a Gold yellow tinge,
this one slithers around,
near waters and banks,
sometimes even
going underground.

Declaring itself nonvenomous,
it moves around with a
long tail,
for ordinary frogs and toads,
croaking with happiness
at the first rains.

Big mouth
in an unbelievably small body,
it pounces
on the unsuspecting
from behind,
devious, cruel,
allowing the frog
to sense a slow death
as it holds out its hands
in desperation,
the other toads
to spread
the news.

Why does the slime,
the slithering,
the gold tinge on the face,
the deviousness in acquisition,
the demo of a greedy devouring
and the
occasional going underground,
make me feel,
that the Keelback
would make an excellent politician ?


  1. Super Post............and super Pic....and two of of my fav people............what more could I ask for :)

    1. Blogwati Gee, Thank you, and you might like the earlier post on Doodhwatiji ....:-)

  2. Of the myriad digs that your mighty pen is inclined to take at the festering crop of politicians, this one hits deep into the heart of the target in the sense it portrays the other critical element of the game, the Toad! But for the ignorant, masochistic and suicidal toads, there would be no keelbacks, or politicians, for that matter.

  3. Yes. The politician grab it is. Loved what USP said.

    1. Sangeeta, the confident mercenary expressions on the Keelback's face and the alarm on the toads face are just spot on ...