Monday, July 23, 2012

Life Penalties ?

The human body never differentiates between nurturing a male and female foetus.

Post birth, for some, the cry at the entry into what is considered a wonderful world, is sometimes, never completed.

 And we never learn, even from animals. Who pour out their traumatic and poignant anguish in their own world.

If we only heard and learned.

 My friend Uma Shankar Pandey, posted an amazing poem called The Mourning Cat. Read it. Again and again.....

The anger didnt subside. It inspired this .

Uterine twists
in utter agony,
squeezing dry
with amniotic tears,
but so many happy wails….

For some,
it was
the last time
they were happy.

Life is a game,
only some get to play.

For others,
it is all about
being sent
in penalty kicks
into the trash.

The Ump watches it all,
if these days the game is fixed…


  1. Suranga, the silence of the visitors is deafening. Could it be that they think that lesser bloggers are not qualified to talk of atrocities on girl foetuses and children? If death will not collect me as ordained, hypocrisy surely will!

    That is a stunning poem you have written, a telling clip you have tagged in.

    1. USP, Thank you. Poems happen when the words are in a tumult of rage, and need to pour themselves out. Reading your poem caused the tumult. And one should never worry about visitors. Many read, but simply do not or cannot comment. And that is fine too. But thank you for the kind words ....