Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Virtual Lemonade

Folks working in 3 dimensional modelling software , do interesting things. Here is  a photo realistic fruit splash  done by photoblogger Pankaja Date , who actually works as an Animator.

Someone wanted to know if she threw fruits into water, clicked and the did trick editing .  :-)

The answer is that this is done using 3 dimensional models which you create using certain software, and then you use the facilities of that software to create such things. This has been done using the Blender Software.

Naturally, this inspired a  poem in Marathi and later on in English.

Read on ...

(Image courtesy Pankaja Date) 
काचेच्या पेल्यातलं
अनंत थेंबांच
बिना चवीचं, बिना वासाचं,
रंगहीन ,
दाटी दाटीने जगलेलं
जल बिंदूंचे कंटाळवाणे आयुष्य......
अचानक संत्री, लिंब आणि इड्लीम्बाचे
धसमुसळे आगमन,
हझारो थेंबांचे एकामेकांना धरून
उल्हासित उड्डाण ,
मधेच लिंबाला चिकटून राहाण
संत्र्यावारून घसरण ......
पलीकडे रुसून बसलेली साखरेची बाटली
शेवटी म्हणते ,
"काय हा बालीशपणा !
हझार चकरा घातल्या, तीन तास वाट बघितली,
आता तरी मला दार उघडा , म्हणजे सरबत मार्गी लागेल !..."

 A million Somnolent spheres
and odourless
totally bored ,
enveloped by glass....

A sudden excited arrival
Maltas, limes and lemons
falling in excitement
as the waterdrops,
thrilled to even more bits,
rise in
throes of a welcome ...

Indulgent sticking
to lemons,
sliding in delight off oranges,
the Sugarlady
now really upset
with the waiting,
finally errupts ;
"What childishness !
Thousands of image samples ,
for more than 3 hours,
will you open up now
so I can get started with the lemonade ?