Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Guwahati tree ?

My blogger and FB friend Sangeeta Khanna , has perfected the art of capturing birds in exciting situations, with almost human-like expressions on their faces.
She recently posted these two photographs of a Shikra Kite (a smaller size kite variety)  agitating over having killed a squirrel and then having to share the excitement with some crows passing by, who also wanted to participate in the subsequent proceedings.  

It's amazing how those who presume themselves to be in power, act innocent,  those bystanders who participate, play stupid, and  the poor squirrel, lies dead , having had no help.  Even in death. 

Reminds you of something ?  ............. 

It's a free Tree.

Whether you fly in and out
of the foliage,

whether you run up and down
its expanse,
whether you dig
around the trunk,
while ants creep up the leaves.

But some
hero type Khaap Panchayat
Raptor Shikras
actually get excited
by the squirrelian stripes
and the blatant rise
of the tail,
and swoop in
to molest and kill.

But observed
by a gaggle of passing crows.

Shikra-Crow skirmishes,
Hindi film style,
two goons who think they are superior,
till they see
a camera telephoto
panning by. 
The Crows escape
pretending they weren't there,
the Shikra,
one claw surreptitiously
on the squirrel,
looks on as if to say ,
"Kamaal hai !
Squirrel apne aap aai, mai kya karu?

the representative
The National Squirrel Commission
poses under the tree,
flicks a branch aside
and says,
"Yes, this was a squirrel.
We request
all other squirrels
to avoid looking for nuts
with their tails up...


  1. Great perspective.
    It IS the squirrel who cause all this.Shikra is innocent and the crows were just passing by..shareef log.
    I am amazed at you imagery !!!

    1. Sangeeta, thank you. The sad thing is the powerful almost always get to fly away.....

  2. Brilliant Suranga!! Yet again!!

    1. Deepak, thank you ! But it's such a shame that the level to which we have stooped, makes us see these things happening, even in the world of birds.....:-(

  3. :) that was brilliant , I hope we change , then maybe out thoughts will change too

  4. Great! The rule is the weaker section should be careful, always!