Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bozoical Corporate Advice

Bozo, Mumbai's only dog-with-his-own-blog  is now a veteran of these once-a-week photo sessions, and continues to hold his own, competing with birds, trees, butterflies, oceans, and all kinds of yummy snacks, that keep getting clicked by his mentor and life chronicler, Magiceye.

Not only is he a photographer's delight in the way he poses, but deep inside that head, there is a lot of churning of thoughts going on, thanks to what he sees around him.

You just need to look deep into the brown eyes....... 

Fresh from a
monsoon sprinkling,
shaking myself dry,
I watch
the camera turn to me,
close enough
to touch my nose,
after having its fill
of trees, birds,clouds
and a variety of breakfasts.....

I wish
someone sends my
closeup to Unilever.

I do not hanker
for a film role,
nor am I competing
with hot shot models.

Its just
that I
with my
amazing olfactory gifts,
an opportunity.

My dark wet
black nose,
with shades of
old age pink,
set in a
brilliant bone structure,
is my natural
gifted by Nature.

Look deep into my eyes,
admire my
new fashion
dark brown vertical eyeliner
from the
sides of the nose.
And be jealous
of my shapely ears
with shades of pink and brown.

When will Unilever learn
they must
not simply promote
Fair and Lovely,
but the Dark,
the black,
the brown,
the pink,
because they all
make me what I am ?

Take it from me,
that's the future of advertising;
Bozo, Luci, Pablo, Sam .
They all  rock !

Angelina Jolie,
Priyanka Chopra,
John Abraham,
Virat Kohli,
eat your hearts out....


  1. Replies
    1. Bozo, Woof woof back !

      Magiceye, Thank you !

  2. Fairness is a boring shade indeed. I must commend Deepak for the arresting portrait. And I bow in awe to the pen that writes Bozoic epics.

    1. USP, thank you ! And yes, the young fellow is so photgenic , isnt he !:-))

  3. Replies
    1. Paula, Thank you ! and welcome to this space !