Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Pattice Award....

"Pattice" , made of an outside potato and flour covering, and sometimes, stuffings of various types inside, is  a very popular preparation, enjoyed in various ways in Mumbai. Naturally, my blogger friend Magiceye, has had it this season, and faithfully photographed it before eating it, and posted it here.

Although sometimes also made  with cooked green plantain fruit, by those, for whom potato is contraindicated,  It is time, that we acknowledge the role played by the  versatile potato in our troubled lives..... 

Proof, that  saviours too exist in society......

in a
mercenary world
you find
simple community leaders
giving of themselves

Alubhai Batatewale
always in the crowds,
rushing in
to offer his considerable
in keeping
strong willful
immature types together.

In pressure situations,
giving the skin off his back,
he offers himself,
in collaboration with flours
and breads
to strengthen things,
the popular arrival of
Coriander Singh Mirchi,
Adrak Bhai and Lasoonabi.

Then its time
to console and hug the
sulking Green peas,
even the  Coconut
completely in shreds
troubled by
sidey chilly and kismis.

"Don't worry,
I am with you always"
he says,
as they both live through
a hot and sizzling
a testing time on
one of Life's griddles.

The battle over,
they rest ,
browned and singed,
catching their breath on a cool dish,
helped by
volunteers of the
Green Chutney Andolan.

even then ,
with one ear alert
for possibly
impending Ragda floods.....

At a time when
you get thrown into hot burning oil
for the slightest reason
by folks
trying to be popular
and powerful,
Alubhai Batatewale
is too be awarded an PH.D
Pattice with Hara Dhaniya .....


  1. Ragda floods... Awesome... If only alubhai could read this!

    1. Anuradha, Yes, Alubhai probably has contingeny plans; if you can't beat them, join them ....:-)

  2. Wonderful Suranga! ROFL!

  3. Ha ha ..this PHD is so so desirable for so ,many of us :-)

    1. Sangeeta, quick and easy Ph.D na ? :-))

  4. I have a feeling all foods love you and Magiceye-- they must be waiting everyday to be caught by the photograph and the rhyme...what an honour!

    1. Bhavana , Thank you. I am just wondering if the foods learn from us or we should be learning from them.:-))

  5. It is always a pleasure to enter the world of edibles: their lives, emotions, desires, aspirations and dedications, expressed in their own language. I am not sure it is English.