Monday, July 30, 2012

The Road less Travelled .....

Pankaja Date, a photoblogger, has this habit  of  clicking the small creatures she sees on her way to work, which happens to be through a wooded area.  I don't think she was aware of Robert Frost's poem when she clicked this ; a caterpillar at a fork in the road, and wondering what path he should follow......

In today's day and age, but for different reasons than those given by the great poet, read about the path chosen by the caterpillar , at the Fork in the Road.....

( Instagram photo by Pankaja Date)
Hatched on
sun dappled greens
I satisfy
my hunger pangs
by chewing
on the nearest leaf.

Size is not the issue,
in my teenage
as I fatten
and moult
several times,
wandering about the green
with my colors
an curls intact.

A fork in the road
and I wonder
which path to choose......

It is time
to go change outfits
and wrap myself
in a grand
Chrysalis Pupa Saree,
before emerging
as a New Life Butterfly.

And then,
in this world where
seems to make you famous,
I remember
what my Ma taught me.

I choose
the road less travelled;
Not the one,
visible to all,
bright in the glare of the sunlight,
but one
that goes gently into the green,
where the
leaves will keep guard
as they nod in the wind
and allow me a gentle flutter
as I unravel the folds
and fly off.....   


  1. Wow! Beautiful capture and delineation of something as simple as that little creature, the kind we all ignore hurrying to work!

  2. Your poems transcend me into the mesmerizing worlds of the animate and the inanimate, aqueous and airborne, miniscule and voluminous..., again and again and yet again. And the biped here has always emerged chastened and enlightened.

    1. USP, That has to be the most poetic comment ! Thank you !

  3. Beautiful capture and your words are perfect as always! Have a wonderful week!


    1. Sylvia, Thank you ! And yes, she's been taking some interesting pictures lately ....

  4. Beautiful words full of expressions.