Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Mynah Chronicles

What do you say when a blogger called Sukanya Datta comes across an injured Mynah chick, decides to protect her, and takes her to the house of her friend, Sangeeta Khanna ?

And what do you say when they rig up an impromptu "ward bed" made of baskets,soft cloths and more and make the bird comfortable, and treat it with lots of rest, care, food, and boosts of confidence ?

 And what do you say, when the baby bird, enjoys,  thanks to Sangeeta, amazing meals of soft wet dates, moist bread and a dessert of mango, golden enough to match its beak ?

 And what do you say, when  "Doctor Sangeeta" simply scares off all the free loading crows, cats and shikras, circling in for the kill, gives the little bird a bath, and readies it with encouraging words to face another day, in this Big Bad World ?

An absolutely true story, that calls for a million bravos !

(All photos by Sangeeta Khanna)
officially in-charge,
lifted her shoulders,
simply shrugged;
those who do not listen
must bear with the consequences....

A so
the Mynah Chick
lay helpless on
the path
much trodden
by a Sukanya,
who stopped
and scooped her up
to see what she could do.

A trip to the Music Lady's
and an hour later
the little bird
yet hopeful,
in a makeshift ICU for birds;

A hanging covered
basket incubator
and the chick rested
and recouped,
energised by
soaked dates and bread
little mango pieces
fed carefully ,
day after day,
by the lady.

A short bath,
a shrugging of the droplets
and the mynah chick
drying itself
in the warmth of human kindness.

Shameless Molester crows
and the hissing cat,
not to mention
Raptor shikras
powerfully eyeing
and contemplating
a blatant visit,
all now held
under IPC section 144
to keep them away
the strict glare
of the Music Lady..

how it works for
in a human biped world,
the Mynah
now sleeps well,
secure and strong,
stretching back, eyes closed
and possibly dreaming
of its next mango meal
lovingly fed
by the Music lady
who speaks words of reassurance.

who is used to taking credit
for everything
and never any blame,
hopefully has learnt a lesson....


  1. Beautiful!!! Love the pictures... a baby is a baby!!

  2. Your words give it a new meaning Suranga... :-)

    1. Sangeeta, the pictures speak. I just jot the words down :-))

  3. lovely !! fitting words for awesome pics..

  4. Great Work! Indeed calls for a Million Bravos!