Monday, July 16, 2012

Learning to Bystand.....:-(

My friend Magiceye, posted this photograph  of a crow getting the capital punishment, almost poked to death,  watched by the Crow society.   You may see it here  at

With rules of civil society being changed, abused, and implemented  with an eye on those in power , and the recent happenings in Guwahati and elsewhere, one just wondered if the crows were learning the Bystander Effect.    

An ordinary life,
struggling for open skies,
and avoiding
powerful swooping
eagle eyed spies.

Did he offend
a neighbor
with a bad Kaw Kaw ?

Was he found
making eyes
at a local girl crow ?

Or is it a she crow,
who decided to elope
with a he crow
she scavenged around with..?

They were both found
the bougainvillea branch
sharing a chapati,
he retrieved from a kind balcony.

They poked him
and molested her
to bits,
two leading powerful
gunda crows,
impervious to being photographed.

And the rest of them,
simply stood around,
supposedly stunned,
but gutless,
proving the Bystander effect.

The crows have learned a lot
from us.


  1. Suranga, that is a powerful allegory on a recent incident. Remember, the shooter of the image was a bystander too!

  2. A crow was being attacked mid air once we witnessed. He fell half dead in front of us and as we proceeded to check out on him, the other crows looked like they would attack us as well. Just like real human gundas. Yes they learnt it all from us.

  3. Brilliant, the allegory unmistakably familar

  4. I read this on Magiceye's 365 project, and somehow, it led me here! Wonderful.

  5. That is wonderful. Wow had me spell bound form beginning to end. It is cruel and sad.....this whole bystander phenomenon..