Sunday, July 22, 2012

Many Happy Returns of the day, Bozo !

It was celebration time yesterday, for Bozo,   Mumbai's only dog-with-his-own-blog.  Bozo is now 9 years old !

Yes, he certainly looks spiffy , possibly after a wonderful bath and brushing, relaxed without his name collar from London , which is probably being polished  before he wears it today.   But even then , he is alert to various troublesome folks who fly around dangerously close and try to intrude in the house, and shows his shock and displeasure with  flared nostrils and a proper angry growl.  All captured so wonderfully by his mentor, Deepak.

In my world,
in Mumbai, you need to be alert.

minding one's own business,
are all things
I learnt here.

But some of these crows
are the limit.

Not satisfied with
sitting on cows' backs,
as they wander around,
and loudly cawing
on balcony ledges,
flying in dangerously close,
troubling folks. 

some of them,
like some bipeds in Mumbai,
possibly underage
and immature,
have taken to racing around
without care....

I guess this crow must have flown in from Nepal.

A country where
Crows are worshipped
with food and flowers
on Kag Tihar day,
dogs are worshipped
the next day
on Kukur Tihar day.

I mean,
yes, it was my birthday,
yes, I had a wonderful bath and brushing,
yes, I had some delicious treats,
and yes,
so many came to rub my back.

Maybe the crow thought
it was festival time...

Maybe he came to wish me.
But given the way he was behaving,
maybe he flew in from Delhi,
where Tihar
is actually something else.....

Ah well.
It's my birthday,
and I forgive him.

As they say,
to err is very crowlike,
but to forgive;
that quality is mine !


  1. hahaha that was so beautiful!!!! loved it!!

    thank you so much!!

    Woof woof
    from Bozo
    Pets forever

  2. Delhi crow from its own Tihar!! LOL And Bozo looks very smart indeed and being so contended, he is indeed in a forgiving mood! Happy birthday Bozo dear :)

    1. Thank you, Zephyr, and I thought Bozo was looking real smart ! :-))

  3. Nice poem for Bozo, the birthday boy! Tihar in Delhi is a longer celebration..

    1. Gopinathji, Thank you ! Apparently Tihar in Nepal means festival. Wonder why the Delhi Jail was named so ! :-))

  4. Ah these crows trouble Pablo too! Bozo must be thrilled with his birthday poem!

    1. Corinne, Thank you! Let me know when Pablo has a birthday and I would make a birthday poem for him too!

  5. Beautiful gift for Bozo.Happy birthday Bozo.

  6. Dear Mr Bozo, permit me please to quote from Paul Simon:

    "Yesterday it was my birthday
    I hung one more year on the line....

    Oo, I've been loving and loving and loving
    I'm exhausted from loving so well
    I should go to bed
    But a voice in my head
    Says "ah, what the hell"

    Have a good time
    Have a good time
    Have a good time
    Have a good time

    Paranoia strikes deep in the heartland
    But I think it's all overdone
    Exaggerating this and exaggerating that
    They don't have no fun

    I don't believe what I read in the papers
    They're just out to capture my dime
    I ain't worrying
    And I ain't scurrying;
    I'm having a good time

    Have a good time
    Have a good time
    Have a good time
    Have a good time...."

    Many, many Happy returns of the Day, Sir!

    1. Paul Simon singing for Bozo ! The ultimate honor. And I guess Bozo must have had a great time !

  7. Great way to celebrate Bozos birthday!! No one says it better!!

  8. Sylvia, Thank you! So many folks wishing him, Paul Simon singing; cant get better than that !