Thursday, July 5, 2012

Melting Studs

My blogger and FB friend Shail Mohan, besides blogging on her dog Luci, is also a published poet and a sensitive photographer with a very perceptive eye.

 She lives in the southernmost state of Kerala, where many houses still utilise local artists in their homebuilding, and you find amazing styles and lush greenery. Shail has an ocean of everything to click, and she almost catches every fish. Or should I say, every stud in the elephant's nose....  err, trunk ?

Monsoon raindrops are her  speciality and you can see them here

Her latest posting about nose studs....   something done today as a fetish, or a blindly followed requirement. It was actually done in the old days ,scientifically to activate a nerve in a nostril, that lessened the pain for women, in their days dedicated to being future mothers....

Ancient noses
by Vaidya Sushrut,
and a fine piercing
at a nostril node
to lessen the pain
for those female bipeds
mobilizing in life
to perpetuate generations.

A nose in
metal and stone,
pierced and studded
in support,
of the myriads of
and horses,
unable to breed new generations,
sacrificed at the altar
of a human greed
so terrible,
the stud sheds itself
in tears……


  1. Brilliant take Suranga... but errr. its a horse's snout :)

    1. Aiyyo ! Thank you for the clarification. I stand corrected .