Saturday, July 14, 2012

On your mark.....

My blogger and FB friend Shail Mohan lives in Kerala, India's southernmost state, that enjoys the first landfall of the southwest monsoon every year.

As if to celebrate this year's special event , the Olympics, and thanks to the verdant environment she lives in, she has posted this amazing photograph on her blog , Shots and Captures.

Someone in my family used to swim competitively, and it reminded me.....

Hot evaporations
of sweat
high into the sky,
moisture laden faces,
facing up
into the wind
during practice,
some dark
cloudy forebodings
from lightening quick folks
and they finally
stop drifting,
the Olympian
City of the Brollies.

A gentle tapering down
from hard practice,
pitter-patter through
verdant greens,
and village downs,
and they stand,
on the green line,
hanging in anticipation,
ready for their event.

On their mark,
get, set,go,
a slight leaning
they dive
straight into
the pool of greens,
some in graceful freestyle
and some
in a butterfly stroke,
to the great amusement
of flying folks ***
chattering in the greens

*** I do not mean V. Mallya and S Kalmadi


  1. I loved the intricate audio-visual imagery you have created. There is a small request: please connect the lightening with Messers Kalmadi and Mallaya in your next instalment.

    1. USP, Thank you. Will also endeavour to add thunder next time....:-)

  2. My picture looks more beautiful to me now :) Wonderful Suranga :)

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