Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lilly Olympics....

This beautiful water lily at the Mahim Nature Park in Mumbai , photographed by my blogger friend Magiceye, and posted  in his Mumbai daily: Camera Critters blog.

At first sight, the visual brings back recollections of the London Olympics Opening Ceremony.  The stadium, the lights, the people, even the Queen, except here it is a Queen Bee.

But here there is no sense of competition; just a sense of 3 bees, imbibing all the goodness on offer, in a co-operative way... 

Mother Nature
has her own
Olympic opening ceremony,
almost every day.....

A floating stadium,
that opens everyday,
no tickets,
all free,
a packed  audience
holding up their arms,
invoking the blessings
of the One above.

The acrobatic
buzz of the 3 bees
Amar, Akbar and Anthony,
as they
pick and choose
their nectar points,
to imbibe
to share
all flooded in gold,
and a million hands joined together
as if in prayer
in the centre of it all....


  1. I wonder what unicorns of imagination are hitched the golden chariot of your muse! You transform everything mundane to sublime in your passage.

  2. ............BEAUTIFUL............