Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013 Chameleon Lizard Fashion Week

My friend,  Prasad Paranjape, clicked this amazing photo  at the Mandhardevi Ghat , near Wai, in Maharashtra.  This region of the Sahyadris  is dotted with forts harking back to the days of Shivaji, and his brave men, and one is reminded of the story of the attack on Sinhagad by his brave warrior Tanaji Malusare, who used a type of lizard to latch on to the walls of the fort parapet so he could climb in, fight and win the fort back.

These old stories of valour juxtaposed against what is considered the smart thing to do today. 

A friend called it Sardawalk .... Sarda is marathi for lizard/chameleon..    Naturally, the thoughts occurred first in Marathi. English follows .

२०१३ सरडा फ्याशन वीक,
सर्प-सुसर-विंचू डिझायनर मंडळींतर्फे
झाडाच्या वाळलेल्या फांदीवर
घेतलेली पोझ ,
पाठीच्या नाझुक कण्यावर

दिमाखाने वसणारा
टोकीदार तानाजीस्मृती शूरहार दागिना ,
पुरुषांनी कान टोचून
कानात खडे घालायचा दिवसात
सध्याच्या स्टाईल प्रमाणे
एका कानात मंद सोनेरी पुष्कर..

अजून फांदीवर खूप चालायचे आहे ,
टाळ्या घ्यायच्या आहेत ,
आजकालच्या पद्धती प्रमाणे सगळ्यांकडे
रागा रागाने बघायचे आहे ,
एव्ह्डच ,
कि फांदीच्या टोकावर खोट हसून
गिरकी घॆउन
परत न फिरता,
हे वीर दुसर्या फांदीवर उडी घेणार आहेत....
2013 Chameleon Lizard Fashion Week.
Presented by
the Reptilian Croc Trio,
designers of slimy repute.

A smart pose struck
just so
on a dried tree branch;
the valour crown jewelery
adorning the dainty vertebrae
in honor
of the brave Tanaji Malusare,
and in tribute
to the current style
of studs in male ears,
a brilliant
pale gold sapphire
adorning the ears....

A long catwalk on the branch,
great applause,
and a haughty glance
at the audience
in the current approved style.

It's just that,
at the end of the catwalk,
there will be
no false smiles,
no pirouettes,
and no return.

There will simply,
be a rushed leap
on to another branch,
for another


  1. They are very graceful when they lift their head and very swift when they walk :-)
    Lovely poetry once again :-)