Friday, January 4, 2013

Tomato Art

My blogger/FB friend Indrani Ghose, from Bangalore,  blogs at I-share and Frozen Moments and maintains a FB page at Onward Journey

As part of the Detox-foods-photo-information contest on Indiblogeshwaris on FB,  she posted an amazingly presented , healthful salad of Tomatoes,Carrots and Cucumbers.

While the floral centrepiece made one stay away for a bit, due to reasons of maintaining the aesthetics, things were soon back to normal, once it was known that the rose was actually made out of one long tomato-peel......

I just wondered what the tomato might be thinking ......

(This photograph by Indrani used with her kind permission)

She often got a complex
seeing them .

Tall, slim,
and occasionally

in different shades
of orange , pink and green
they always
stood out
as they hung around
in various baskets,
while she,
a fire engine red,
plump and rolypoly,
sat with her contemporaries
waiting to be selected.

Sometimes ,
crushed into soup,
and sometimes,
just cut up into pieces
she had
almost given up,
when one day
an artist
cleaned her up,
peeled the outside gently,
in one piece,
and curled it
magically around itself.

The carrots and cucumbers,
fell on their backs,
despite their
fancy scalloped edges.

Last seen
Mother Dhaniya
was seen
patting them in sympathy,
while the new red rose,
kept wiping off
tears of joy
the salt and pepper
was getting into the eyes....



  1. This is great!! I love Indrani's post/photo!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Thank you Suranga ji!
    I have updated in my blogpost.
    Let me tell you this: I have always dreamed of being featured here in your esteemed blog! Today it has come true! I am failing to tell you in words enough the extent of my happiness. Thank you for making my day. :)

    1. Indrani Ghose , Thank you ! Just saw your blogpost ! Wonderful !

  3. Many thanks to you Sylvia for the compliment. :)