Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Palmistry in wood.....

My blogger and FB friend, Sushmita Sarkar is a traveler, writer, photographer, foodie, and posted this capture from the Munda Pahar beach , near Chidya Tappu in the Andamans. 

The Andamans, enriched with forests of greens , and excellent wood that lends itself to so much creativity,  also has its share of ruins in wood. 

Lying evocatively , artistically, along the beach, unable to understand what has been recently happening in the land of its birth....

The Pahadi Munda
in whats left 

of its green shawl
waited for you
this festive season.

It has heard
what has happened
and leaves
have been shed in shame.

Two hands with open palms
held out
into the water,
not in supplication,
but asking you
to read them.

The head-line
quivering in mortification,
the heart-line,
bending in sorrow
and the life-line,
what's left of it....


  1. a wonderful poem...visiting the beach was an experience in itself......and its these experiences which makes me wanna go off to such places :)