Friday, January 11, 2013

Horse Power !

At the beginning of every year, South Mumbai enjoys a creative upsurge  called the Kala Ghoda Fair , amidst  the various art galleries, museums, and heritage structures which exist in what is the Kala Ghoda crescent shaped precinct in Mumbai . 

This photographed, was clicked there by my blogfriend, travel writer, photographer, and biker, Deepak Amembal aka Magiceye.

Kala Ghoda literally means Black Horse, a reference to a black stone statue of King Edward VII (as the then Prince of Wales) mounted on a horse that was built by the Jewish businessman and philanthropist Albert Abdullah David Sassoon.  This statue was removed in 1965, and subsequently, placed in the front of the garden.

If the Kala Ghoda could actually see this one .....

(photo by Deppak Amembal Magiceye)
So many
in fancy colors,
V-6, V-8 cylinders,
pistons agitating just so,
carburetting, sparking,

clicking wheels into gears,
two wheels dragging two more,
sometimes all four,
swallowing and using
transmitted power
with fifteen seconds pick-up
nose in the air
at so many rpm's....

He stands,
supremely powerful,
he of the rippling muscles,
long legs,
superior snort,
swishing tail,
amazing grace
out of this world pick-up
at a gallop.

Thats why
all those pseudo
speed mosnters,
mention their strength

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  1. Ha ha, now you are going to have those biker dudes at your back! But it is indeed true that the original horse has all the grace and power no matter what these guys say, right?