Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Crabs and Politics

My blogger friend , Sangeeta Khanna , who is an avid bicycle trekker, birder, nutritional researcher, and photographer, recently went on a bicycle expedition in Goa , in the Western Ghats , across 300 kilometres over 6 days.  Some of their paths were along  beaches,  where sandplovers were practicing chasing and imbibing crabs, while the waves came crashing in .

As she observed, the crabs ability and speed at getting away from the sandplovers, actually dictated the speed at which the sand plovers went after them - a great example of the speed of the prey dictating the speed of the predator. 

May be it is an indication of thing to come...

(photograph by Sangeeta Khanna)
Wave after power wave
in effervescence
to display
its influence on the beach,

carrying along
the power brokers,
and assorted floaters.

The hoi-polloi crabs
caught in between
the advancing waves
trainee sand plovers,
getting their feet wet,
some biding their time.

As one crab
said to another
we should start
a New Crab Party(NCP);
the sand plovers
will be extra nice to us;
and then
there are still
so many innocent
in the ocean......"


  1. You are unbelievable Suranga!!! hahahahah!!!! :D I saw the poem in the picture and then the blog post! Good Going girl!! :D


  2. ha ha..those cleaver crabs. Was the most wonderful experience with nature I had :-)