Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bozoical Dreams

Rare moments, when the real beauty shines through.... as Magiceye captures  Bozo, Mumbais' only dog with his own blog,  doing a neck stretch, to admire himself in the mirror, as he possibly balances on his hind legs, placing the front legs on a Indica Vista D90, or Royal Enfield Bullet;  two powerful types, but falling short of Bozo as far as grace goes. 

A bare shapely neck, needs an adornment, and Bozo has some ideas. Read on .

I must have the DNA
of the
quick and streamlined
sighthound family,
to sport
such a
long and graceful neck.

While I hear
these bipeds
classify people
based on their
and even eating habits,
we dogs
are international,
I have cousins
who are
Italian greyhounds,
Afghan hounds,
and Ibizan hounds.

We don't discriminate
on color,
or language
of length on neck.

It's just that
faced with all these
new and spiffy shiny
two wheelers and four wheelers
now joining the family,
I too long for
pearl studded collar
to adorn my swan like neck
and lose no opportunity
to show off....

Is anyone listening ?

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