Monday, January 7, 2013

Hooked by the Yarn.....

My FB friend Suma Bhat from Delhi/Bangalore/Bengaluru has magic fingers. She weaves them along with a crochet hook through various colored yarns, and comes up with amazing things like flowers, owls, leaves, along with some lovely things that keep our hot chocolates, teas and coffees, hot.  As well as give a beautiful look to containers that hold useful things on our desks and kitchens.

Check out her page "The Little Yarn Owl" . You will be spoilt for choice and owls have never looked lovelier.

She lined up all her yarns recently ,  bringing them in from the very cold New Delhi winter, and clicked.

Then something clicked in my head. Here it is :

 (Photo by Little Yarn Owl/Suma Bhat)
So many yarn students,
rushing in from the
winter cold,
and lining up

for the school assembly,
crowding the
front row,
cheek by jowl,
kind of shoving and pushing.

Having left their
white primary school days behind,
now in brilliant colors,
they've learnt
the art of disentanglement,
kind of a
sthitapradnya life.

There's is to simply wait,
for a crochet rod
to hook them
into being more social.

by themselves,
catching up with others in chains,
and sometimes,
in a brilliant outburst,
creating a forest
of leaves,
and flowers
and owls,
all waiting
to wrap themselves
around lives.....


  1. aww thanks, Ugich...loved it...

    and I live in Delhi, and Bangalore is my summer retreat :D Thank god for parents who make that possible!


    1. Suma, Thank you. And the error has been rectified.

  2. What a colourful way to start the New Year! Refreshing poetry and refreshing creativity by Suma!