Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bozoical Interpretations in white..

With Mumbai having some unusually cold days , Bozo, Mumbai's only dog with his own blog, spends a lot of time ,  sitting on the floor next to Magiceye's sofa, as they watch some television.

Currently seeing lots of folks in white, sitting on a stage, and lots of other folks in white applauding these folks, and so on.  

And Bozo, just reasoned out some answers himself.....

I see all  these guys
at some
Chintan Shibir
on TV;
all the guys in white,
like me,
applauding and garlanding
one guy
in the  centre
again in white.

I wonder
what he has done
and why
he is being garlanded....

And then I hear
it is because
of the important person
sitting next to him....

I'm in white,
also sitting
next to an important person,
who is watching it all
on television,
and I don't see
anyone queued up
to see me and garland me....

Ah I know.
That new
chocolate two wheeler
keeps being garlanded,
she isn't
in touch
with the grass routes
like I am....

I guess
leaders like me
must allow
the sideys
to be garlanded....