Thursday, January 3, 2013

Food Democracy and MDI.....

Another entry from the recently concluded Detox-Food-Photo-information contest in the FB Indiblogeshwari Group. My friend Akanksha Dureja, from New Delhi, submitted a wonderful photo of what is a much loved winter staple in North India.

Makki ki Roti and Sarson ka Saag (Fresh Corn Tortilla (with white butter) and a leafy green veggie preparation of Mustard Greens, Spinach , and some others whose English names I dont know). Hot off the griddle, with a side serving of crisp salad items.  What you dont see , is possibly a large glass of thick lassi (fresh creamy buttermilk).

Way down south in Mumbai, whether there is no winter,  I can only look at the photos, and comment  (inspired by the going-ons in our Parliament, also in Delhi)....

(Akanksha kindly allowed me to use her photo) ........

(photo by Akanksha Dureja)
The Green Leafy Front,
and the United Grains of India,
have had a tough year.

Insufficient rains,

and careless storage
had hurt everyone.

And they both never saw
eye to eye
in the Plate Parliament,
often staying out
and protesting rawness and taste
in the unseasonal heated

But sometimes,
in winter times
the speaker of the Plate Parliament
is an expert cook,
who can bring it all together.

She Cajoles the Sarson,
the Bathuas, the Palaks
to unite in strength;

They may not have the size,
but are superior in taste.

the Makki is patted into submission,
with many promises
of white butter
(now that black is illegal).

The day for voting
on MDI***  in food
the Saag and the Roti
are seen on the same plate
in favor of the bill,
and it is all a slurping success,
as the new and junior independents,
still raw,
watch amazed,
from the sidelines.

Food Democracy in Action.

***MDI: Mother's Direct Interest

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