Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Incredible lightness of being a salad....

We recently had a detox-food-photograph-information contest in the FB Indiblogeshwari Group. Several poems were written on the amazing recipes submitted . Here is one such recipe  and photograph  submitted by my FB & blogger friend Sushmita SarkarShe has kindly allowed the use of the photograph.

A salad made from sprouted methi (fenugreek seeds), and sprouted Udad (lentils), tempered with lashings of coconut, lemon, green chillies , kadipatta , and such tongue tickling items.

Naturally , it triggered a poem.

Imbibe and enjoy .....

Julietta Fenugreeka
and Kala Udid Romeo,
both upset
with each other,
weeping and stewing

in their own tears,
didn't notice
something sprouting
as the day passed.

Depressed, unhappy,
and swollen in anger,
they didn't see
the Coconut man
confabulating with
the Kadi Patta lady.

Office bearers
of the
The Saladian Unity Corps,
they got the two together,
and in the process
actually went
through burning
oil and fire themselves.

It took some effort,
getting everyone together,
the tempers cooling
under an onslaught
of lemon juice,
salt and sugar,
not to mention
some tough attitude from

A spoon stopping by,
was heard to say ,
"Who would have thought
these two
would finally get together,
and that
I would actually be
the cause of their disappearance
into someone's stomach ?


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  2. Wow! The poem as delicious as the picture!
    Why don't you convert all the poetry on IB into posts? Would love to see them here :)

    1. Akanksha, Thank you ! The photos belong to the individual bloggers, and I must have their permission to put it up here, even though the poetry is mine. Sushmita , while giving me permission to use her Andaman's photograph for another poem, actually suggested that I could do this with her salad picture and the poem, and I was grateful. Let me know if you would like to have your Sarson ka saag poem put up here with the photo.