Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Paani Paani re !

Two of my FB friends posted photos of monkeys drinking water. Sharvari Paranjape posted a photograph of a vanar monkey drinking water with his hands, while Indrani Ghose posted a picture of a monkey imbibing from a glass.

Once upon a time,
rivers flowed
without human interference
and belonged to all,
you partook
and quenched your thirst
in nature's glass,
at leisure..

Now with
dirty water coming
in pipes,
at a great cost
in money,plastics
and environment,
and always in short supply,
you must grab what you get
and gulp it down,
it is in
a half empty glass.

As one simian said to another,
"These bipeds
say they have evolved ?"


  1. seriously... our evolution has stopped the evolution of everything else

    wonderful pics

  2. It's a pain to see plastic cups in those hands. We have evolved just to throw plastic bottles and cups and empty packets of chips everywhere :-(

  3. What a unique take on the shot.
    You think so differently.
    Great lines.
    Thank you!