Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Agobai ! Monalisa Vahini !

A friend of a FB friend Deepashri Bharne D'Melo shared a great photo of someone called Monalisa Deshpande.

Probably  the daughter of Kokan, from say, Devrukh, with the complexion like the ocean foam, and typical hazel green eyes,  now married into a Deshpande family, and nicely settled in Pune

I sort of fell sorry for the actual portrait in the Louvre in Paris. Had to write in Marathi and in English ......

I mean nothing beats this .......

देवरुख ची कन्या ,
पुण्याला आली,
आणि देशपांडे बनून गेली.....
आणि बघा !

तिच्या शोधात
इटलीचे लेओनार्डो द विन्ची ,
चक्क पुण्यात आले ,
नारायण पेठेत रमले,
आणि सभोवताली
पु. ना. गाडगीळ , भाउ चीन्गुशेट शिवरकर,
आणि नदिपल्याड
लागू बंधू, पेठे , आणि इतरांना बघून
पुन्हा चित्र रेखाटायला बसले.....

पैठणी वरचे सोनेरी बुट्टे
सर्वत्र शिंपित जाणारी,
गळ्याला साज आणि चंद्रहाराने सजवणारी ,
कानात भोकरं आणि वेल घालून,
चाफेकळी नाकात मोत्याची नाथ ,
सुंदर चंद्रकोरीचे कुंकू लावून,
अचानक दोन्ही खांद्यावर पदर घेउन,
स्मितहास्य करत म्हणाली ,
" लेओनार्डोभाउजी ,
इथे पास्ता-मद्य वगैरे कसल घेता ?
चला, व्यवस्थित वैशालीत जून
मसाला डोसा आणि कॉफी घेउ की !"
Lo behold,
the daughter of
Devrukh in Kokan,
now a Deshpande of Pune.

Searching for her,
Vinci's Leonardo
actually reached Pune
and settled down in Narayan Peth.
in the midst
of the abodes of jewellers
PN Gadgil,
Bhau Chngushet Shivarkar,
not forgeting
the Laagus and Pethes
across the river,
he actually decided
to paint her again.

She came,
sprinkling the golden dots
from her Paithani,
the Saaj and Chandrahar
glittering around her neck,
canopy-style pearl bhokrs

in her ears
held with rising
gold creepers in her hair,
a pearl and ruby "nath" nosering.

She stopped,
tired of posing,
put on her new moon shaped tikka
on her forehead,
adjusted her palloo
on both shoulders,
looked at him
and said
" Aho Leonardo Bhau,
this ain't a place
for pasta and wine...
Chalo, we go to Vaishali
a great coffee and a masala dosa....coming ?"

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