Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Bozoical Good Life ......

Bozo,  Mumbai's  dog-with-his-own-blog , has admirers across the world, who are bloggers on their own.   He has had some exciting times recently, when two older (in age) bloggers  came down to see him at his residence,  and Bozo was on his best behaviour.  

Looks like it was exciting for Bozo as it was for the two blogger ladies.  They went away full of admiration , and kept talking about the meeting and writing about it and now there is a clamour to meet Bozo.

Chaps like Bozo, don't rush and write about such things. They savour the moments, enjoy the memories, think of all the good things in their life, and spend some time meditating in the balcony, on a cool January morning, taking in the smell of grass and flowers....

A nip
in the air,
the smell of wet grass,
a stroll
with Deepak
it is so much fun
to the see
the jealous Desert Storm
stewing in its gas
all by itself
in the garage,
and I
cannot help
sniff and sneeze,
as we pass by it.

A quick
up the
and a return
to tantalizing smells
of a Dosa
sizzling on a griddle
as a Sambaar Steam
wafts gracefully around......

I'd been hearing
about these two old ladies
coming to meet me
I honestly tried
not to jump too much,
keep my legs
on their shoulders
and contented myself
by rubbing
my nose and head against their legs.

I ended up learning
Marathi, and Tamil
in addition
to my own Konkani
and earned
a pat on the back
from Grandma

These Mumbai bloggers
just keep talking and talking,
and I sat under the Divan
quietly listening,
till it was time for farewell.

A few clasps, a few jumps,
rubbing of the back and neck,
and they left
with Deepak
for a lunch.

Me ?
I only eat homemade  yummy stuff,
then walk around a bit,
shoo off some pesky birds
and then stretch out
for a wonderful nap.....

I can see
the Desert Storm
simply burning with jealousy,
nobody comes to meet him,
and pat him;
what to do ?

I am like that only !


  1. Ah, there's no one like you, Bozo! I sure am glad to have you as a "through the blog" friend!!

    Sam Schnauzer

  2. I would like to be born as Bozo in my next janam! I love the way he is pampered by all and he deserves it!

  3. Ha ha! I am sure all these thoughts ran through his mind and now that you have met him, you will be able to get into his head and read all his thoughts even better than before!