Friday, January 25, 2013

The Awakening

It was a beautiful  morning blurry with haze , in the  forests of UNESCO declared World Heritage Site of Western Ghats, in Maharashtra, on India's Western Coast. 

My FB friend and blogger Bhavesh Chhatbar, clicked these sharp and tapering leaves of a coconut tree , a beautiful painting-like scene of a hazy sunrise and a tree,  at the Gharadi village in Kokan.

Just reminded me , of someone waking up , and raising the eyelashes ....

She lay
throughout the night,
tossing ,
the uncertainities
of her life,
as the breeze
swept through the plains,
with an occasional
teary rain.

It was
not a good time
to be a girl.

The morning
brought her hordes of support
from the trees,
the birds,
the monkeys
and the glowing
rising Sun.

she opened her eyes,
raised her long eyelashes,
wet with
Tears of Dew,
smiled at the big tree ahead,
and said,
"I will fight,
and I will win !"


  1. I truly have no words Suranga; the words have pierced through

  2. Nice to read a positive post, Suranga! Very rarely we think positively nowadays! Very good imagination!