Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bozoical Life Speeds

Life is surely getting complicated for Bozo,  Mumbai's only dog with his own blog. He harks back to the days when he was so active and went everywhere with his family. Bozo himself is now a senior citizen, and is puzzled at how the world has changed.

First the four wheelers , and now the latest family favourite, the wild two wheeler. All so wrapped up in their own speedy lives, and trying their best to entice Magiceye. So much so, that even this photograph was clicked , not by Magiceye, but his son....

At the end of the day, Bozo is aware, that Old is Gold.  He knows that, at some point, these modern speedy contraptions will get boring, and folks will realize, that life is all about walking with Bozo, smelling the flowers,  enjoying the grass, and then coming home, simply to smell the coffee.....

(Photo by Nakul Amembal)
There is something
about speed
and too much of it..

need a kick
and a push,
and a poke with a key
just to start,
and then cruise around
amidst great sparks
and plugs,
unaware of
the smell
of a Sunday morn.

so full of themselves,
lumbering on four wheels,
smelling of petrol and leather
even have songs playing
as they
cough and start
and then
speed around
dodging cows, trucks,
and pavements
with great help
the Bappa on the dashboard.

And then
there are some,
who gently wake up,
shake smartly,
sneeze a bit,
snoop a bit,
wag a bit,
and wearing the smart harness,
go out for a walk
with the young one.

noticing butterflies,
breathing in deeply,
smelling the streets,
lampposts still lit,
enjoying gardens,
lolling in the grass,
and then returning home,
but taking a short break
to rest
on the mat,
wondering what's cooking.....

Tell me,
which Sunday do you prefer ?


  1. I would prefer to be Bozo!

    You touched my heart as always, Suranga!

  2. What a beautiful ode to Nature, Suranga! And Bozo is the best :)