Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Prayers at the Top

Some amazing clicks by my blog and FB friend Bhavesh Chhatbar, in the Varandha Ghats.  Western Maharashtra is adorned by the Sahyadri Mountains that run almost parallel to the coast, and several of these  provide an amazing  look at the coastal landscapes from the various parts of the mountains.  One such is the Varandha Ghat, via which one connects to the Coastal highway  from the high  Deccan plateau.

Canyon peaks of these ghats, the Sahyadri/Western Ghats declared a Word Heritage Site by Unesco.   Sharp roads skirt these mountains , leaving everything else , like those steep 45 degree slopes ,  unchanged.

And you watch the canyon peaks,  think of what happened recently to churn our country, and wonder how many such prayers will be required ......

Stone cold hearts,
slippery minds,
morals all
in a steep
decline into oblivion,
cruelly bashing lives
of young green trees
to grow in this
difficult world,
as they struggle
to stand up
on the slopes
in the Sun
clutching on to lessons
taught by their strong roots.

And so he sits,
in penance
at the pinnacle,
for those that suffered,
to his God,
unconcerned about
the wind, the cold,
and the
looming big
unconcerned Varandha chaps
in the distance.

Some find
roads cut out for them
in the mountains
and have an easy drive through life.

It is for
the troubled trees
that he prays...


  1. Really the stone looks like a man sitting in penance. I noticed the small plants sprouting out of the rocks after reading your words!

    It is a tough real world!

    I would have just admired the man like rock, that is all and might have noticed the plants...no more imagination! Thank you, Suranga!

  2. Your power of taking the true meaning out of my photographic expressions is unmatched. Of course, your power is not limited to that :)